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Some things continue to amaze.

Hungary adopted a citizenship law which took effect Jan 1, 2011. It allows ethnic Hungarians to obtain Hungarian citizenship — and of course to retain their other citizenship. The idea, as correctly stated by government officials, is a recognition of community. This is, by the way, the normal course for EU countries.


The Slovakians hate this. In retaliation, they passed a law which … cancels the Slovakian citizenship of anyone who takes advantage of the Hungarian law.

A decent writeup is here.

What the Slovakians don’t get is this: unless a Slovakian tells their government that they obtained Hungarian citizenship, it is very unlikely that the Slovaks would find out. Secondly, it is VERY DIFFICULT to imagine how this sort of thing, the automatic, bureaucratic, removal of citizenship for native-born citizens could be accomplished WITHOUT BENEFIT of COURT HEARINGS.

In short, it is easier in some countries for a native born citizen to lose their citizenship than to lose their … drivers license.


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